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1. Path
2. Struggle
3. Romance
4. Pray!
5. In Memoriam
6. Hyperventilation
7. Beyond Time
8. Hope
9. Coma
10. Hall Of The Mountain King
11. Until It Sleeps
12. Fight Fire With Fire


For me, "Cult" is my favourite of all of Apocalyptica's albums. Their composition have matured since "Inquisition Symphony". Every one is captivating in it's own way, separate from the others.
The three covers on this CD are also great. Both Metallica covers are great versions, like all the other ones on the past two albums, except I find that "Until It Sleeps" lacks some of the excitement that's in the original.
"Hall Of The Mountain King" is definitely my favourite cover on the album. It's an interesting interpretation of Grieg's most famous piece.

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