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Apocalyptica is a group of four Finnish cellists who play Metallica
as well as other heavy metal and their own compositions on their cellos.

Apocalyptica's first album which contains all Metallica, is appropriately
titled "Plays Metallica By Four Cellos".

On their next album, they used digital effects with their cellos. That
makes the cello's sound even greater than on "Plays Metallica..."

On their latest release, the majority of tracks are their own compositions.
They also have a "heavy cello" version of Grieg's "Hall Of The Mountain King".


Eicca Toppinen

Cello: Terzi Antivarius cello "Sleeping Death" anno 2½75
Bow: Wilson/Benedek bow anno 1988
Strings: Jargar, Larsen

Paavo Lötjönen

Cello: Gulbrand Enger cello "Sugar Cane" anno 1882
Bow: R. Wainio bow anno 1988
Strings: Jargar, Larsen

Perttu Kivilaakso

Cello: Brak Danych
Strings: Brak Danych

Max Lilja (Former Member)

Cello: Louis Guerzan cello "Black Rose" anno 1738
Bow: W. Hill & Sons bow anno 1927
Strings: Spirocore Chromi, Larsen

Antero Manninen (Former Member)
Cello: Giuseppe Pedrazzini cello "Il Duce" anno 1946
Bow: S. Thomachot bow anno 1995
Strings: Spirocore Wolfram, Jargar