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1. Harmageddon
2. From Out Of Nowhere
3. For Whom The Bell Tolls
4. Nothing Else Matters
5. Refuse/Resist
6. M.B.
7. Inquisition Symphony
8. Fade To Black
9. Domination
10. Toreador
11. One


Inquisition Symphony was a big step for Apocalyptica. They started writing their own songs and they used effects on their cellos. If you ever thought that the cello was boring, this album will change your mind. With distortion, the cellos sound bigger and louder than before.
This albums contains Metallica covers as well as their own compositions and covers of other metal bands (Pantera, Sepultura and Faith No More).
Some must-listens are the solos from "Refuse/Resist" and "Domination". I would have never thought you could do that with a cello!
Overall a very good album.

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