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Apocalyptica News

Release Date For Best Of CD
Apocalyptica have announced the release date for their Best Of CD.  It will
be in stores on September 21, 2002 and will only be available in Japan.
The official site has the band's comments for each of the tracks.  Click here
to visit the site.

Best Of Apocalyptica (July 25/02)   
Apocalyptica are releasing a "Best Of" CD in Japan. The track listing is:
1. Driven
2. Hope
3. Enter Sandman
4. Nothing Else Matters
5. Pray
6. Path
7. Unforgiven
8. Refuse/Resist
9. Kaamos
10. Inquisition Symphony
11. Romance
12. Harmageddon
13. Hall Of The Mountain King

Back In The Studio! (July 18/02)
Apocalyptica are back in the studio!  With an album due out in January (if all goes well) and a single due out in October, this is good news for all Apo fans!

Apocalyptica Tour Dates (June 3/02)
Finally some news from the Apo camp!  They have posted some confirmed
concert dates, so here they are.
-13.07. Germany, Nuernberg - Feuertanz-Festival (14:00)
-13.07. Germany, Glauchau - Woodstage-Festival Germany (later that evening -    no time specified)
-14.07. Germany, Frankfurt/Zillo (no time specified)

New Apocalyptica Songs? (April 10/02)
While searching around on the internet, I ran into this page.  It is a review of an Apocalyptica concert from 2000.  On the setlist there is a "New Apocalyptica Song".  This probably means that they are working on new material for their next CD.  If you would like to read the review, the page is:

Apocalyptica Music In Movies (March 26/02)
This is not new news but it's probably new to you.  If you like the "Jackass" TV
series on MTV, then you would probably like the "CKY" (Camp Kill Yourself)
movies.  On the first movie, the Apocalyptica song "Inquisition Symphony" is features as backup music on the "Backyard Football" skit.  Just letting you know that "Vidocq" isn't the only movie with Apocalyptica music.

Chat Transcript (March 3/02)
Apocalyptica have posted the transcript from the January 23/2002 chat.  Check
out to see it.  Also, the messages sent by "skinny_pirate"
are mine!

Bad News! (January 9/02)
I have very bad news for you - Max has quit Apocalyptica.  Apparently due to
disagreements inside the band, this is a great loss for all fans.
Check out the Official Site for more details.